OkeyRemote,apri la porta col tuo telefono

Why Okeyremote

Okeyremote comes from our experience as a holiday home manager.
Installed on our apartments, it has proved 100% compatible.

The most cheaper and reliable on the market

Price 40% less compared to competitors.
The Okeyremote device is made entirely in Italy and uses GSM technology, more reliable and secure than the Wifi network.
It works with a sim inserted in the control unit which is activated without any charge for each call.

5-star reviews on Amazon.com

Read the 5-star reviews on Amazon, you'll understand why the Okeyremote device is the best choice compared to other competitors.

Reviews Amazon

You can buy Okeyremote on Amazon, or on our website, by clicking on "BUY OKEYREMOTE" on offer starting from € 99.00

Great reviews on Booking.com

Technological accommodation receives more positive reviews than others.
Below are the verified reviews of some apartments advertised on Booking.com that use the OkeyRemote device to do self check-in.

Okeyremote,apri la porta col tuo telefono

Because I should have it

24-hour check-in

Offer 24-hour access: increase revenue by incentivizing business customers.

Eliminates stress

The Customer accesses autonomously with just his smartphone: it eliminates the stress of having to wait for the latecomers, it improves the quality of the reception of your holiday home or B & b.
Okeyremote is discreet and respectful of the privacy of your guests.

Free trial (currently available only for customers from Italy)

Write to info@okeyremote.com to book a free trial of the Okeyremote device.

Okeyremote,apri la porta col tuo telefono


With OkeyRemote you can open any door remotely, at any distance and in any location you are.

Privacy and Security OkeyRemote consists of non-invasive technology that will never involve condominium equipment.

BGates,apri il cancello col tuo telefono ovunque ti trovi

BGates,apri il cancello senza telecomando


With Okeyremote you only pay once, there are no hidden subscriptions. No operating costs.

The device allows you to make an unlimited number of self check in.
Safe and reliable (does not require internet or wifi).
It guarantees maximum practicality: for its use it is sufficient to have a mobile phone.


OkeyRemote operates in total security and can not be cloned: only mobile numbers enabled directly by the operator can open the door, up to 500 Users.

BGates,apri il cancello col tuo telefono in massima sicurezza
Okeyremote is the best 100% compatible self check-in to manage the remote access of Cav, B&b, Hotel


The OkeyRemote device is easy to install for users with minimal experience in the installation of electrical equipment, however we provide a specialized installation service upon request.
Discounts are applied for installations of devices above 2 units.
Introduce a friend: you will receive a 10% discount on the Okeyremote device installation.

1,500 accommodation already use OkeyRemote
Following are only some on Booking and Airbnb

Appartamenti Isola Milan

Vela Maison Milan

Appartamenti Stazione Italy

Casa Vacanza "TOLA" Rome

Monolocale porta San Vitale Bologna

Modern Studio Bucharest

With SMART FUNCTION active it does not need to be programmed: install it and open it. With the same device you can also turn on and off what you want such as Boiler, Pellet Stove or Air Conditioner rather than an Irrigation Pump or a motor (with additional relay).
TIMER function.

OkeyRemote ti permette di gestire fino a 4 dispositivi

OkeyRemote is a self-check device designed to be installed both by users with a minimum experience in the installation of electrical equipment, and by professional installers.
The installation and operating manual is only available in PDF format.

Control unit dimensions Okeyremote 18,8 x 17,8 x 6,9

Please see user faq for more information