OkeyRemote,apri la porta col tuo telefono

The answers to the most frequent questions of our users on OkeyRemote

If I use it for the check-in of a holiday home, how do I get guests their passports or ID cards, how to check their truthfulness directly on site, how to explain the rules and conditions to guests while illustrating the various rooms of the house, and above all how to create a certain feeling with the guest at least upon arrival and departure both for your personal pleasure and in order to get a good review?
R: The OkeyRemote device allows you to open the front door and the door of the house remotely. Upon arrival, the host can ask guests for documents by WhatsApp (using the home Wifi network) and verify the veracity with a WhatsApp video call. In over a short pre-packaged video can help to illustrate the apartment and its rules, allowing a considerable saving of time.


About a short let, How can the guest access to my home using Okeyremote?
R: It can allow access to the host substantially in 2 ways.
1) Upon arrival, the guest calls her to his cell phone to request access to the apartment, simultaneously or later, she makes a call to the device Okeyremote to allow the opening of the door and the door of the apartment, will guide, the guest, by phone, inside the apartment, where he will find the keys.
2) You can communicate the telephone number that allows the opening of the doors, directly to the guest, together with an explanatory message describing how to access the apartment, so that the guest can access it independently.
To do it, you must send a text message to the device to enable it to open only to the telephone number you have indicated. In this way, only those with that number can access the house. Subsequently, with another text message, it can disable the previously enabled number. Once disabled, no other user can access the home, even if they try to log in with another phone.


I would like to use it to open the door of my holiday home only for a short time, then I have to deactivate it or can I reuse it in some other way?
R: It is not necessary to turn it off, With the same device can also turn on and off any appliance, such as Boiler, Pellet Stove or Air Conditioner rather than an Irrigation Pump or a motor.



I have a holiday home agency. The owners of the apartments I manage, are not willing to spend money on the purchase of the device Okeyremote. How can I do?
R: Consider that with Okeyremote you can extend the check-in time. In this way, in addition to offering a service more than other competitors, will get more reservations and then more earnings. I suggest you, therefore, to buy the device at your expense, certain of the fact that the investment will be amortized in a short time. Otherwise, he can offer the owner a small increase in rent in exchange for the purchase of the Okeyremote device.


Can I use Okeyremote only to anticipate the opening of the door to guests waiting for my arrival (in case of delays)?
R: Of course, it would avoid such embarrassing expectations and negative reviews .




Can I use OkeyRemote to open the front door to the cleaner?
R: Yes, it would avoid giving keys and losing them.



If a guest forgets something inside the apartment immediately after check-out or stays away from home during the stay, how can I open the door?
R: A call to the Okeyremote device is sufficient to open the door, at any distance and in any city.



Is there a monthly or yearly fee for using Okeyremote?
R: Not for Okeyremote, but the SIM installed has an annual maintenance fee according to the telecom provider, which usually is no more than 5 Euros/year.


Does OkeyRemote work with all SIM?
R: OkeyRemote has been certified for Europe’s leading telecom operators, excluding SIM cards that use only VOIP technology (for example, operator 3).


Is a professional installer required?
R: Okeyremote device is simple to install, for users with minimal experience in the installation of electrical devices, it is sufficient to power it and connect it to the opening consent (key, button etc.) of the automation (door, gate, box, door, etc.).
However, we provide, upon request, a specialized installation service. Discounts are applied for installations of devices above 2 units.


Can I receive discounts for the purchase of OkeyRemote?
R: Yes, introduce us a friend: you will both receive a 10% discount for the Okeyremote device or for the installation.


Does OkeyRemote work in every Country?
R: Yes, thanks to quad band technology (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz) the device works in every country of Europe.


How much does the call cost to open the door?
R: The call is completely toll-free given that the Okeyremote device does not pick up and rejects the call. Any setting or notification SMS will gave a fee according to your tariff agreement with the telecom operator. (You can disable the notification SMS)


What size SIM does OkeyRemote use?
R: It uses standard SMS, though microSIM or nanoSIM can be used with an adapter.


Can I customise the response SMS?
R: Sure, you can change all of the SMS texts via App or SMS.


Is OkeyRemote a safe system?
R: Yes, very! Using the caller’s ID as identification, all unknown callers are ignored.